The “Bright Young Things” were a group of London socialites in the 1920s who were known for their extravagant parties, glamorous lifestyles, and avant-garde fashion sense. Rebellious, irreverent, and rejecting stuffy conventions in favor of a more playful and free-spirited approach to life, the Bright Young Things were renowned for their wit, creativity, and joie de vivre. 

Bright Young Things Events celebrates exuberance and vitality. Our ethos is one of energy, daring experimentation, and the desire to break free from constraint. While our namesakes may have faded into history, we carry forward the spirit of the Bright Young Things: passion, glamour, and the pursuit of pleasure.

We seek to push boundaries and challenge traditional notions of event design, creating memorable and immersive experiences for guests, with a focus on attention to detail and exceptional customer service. We emphasize inclusivity, encouraging guests of all backgrounds to come together and celebrate the joy of life. We strive to create events that are unique and transformative, reflecting the singular personalities and visions of our clients.

Sara Kelly

I'm Sara, founder of Bright Young Things Events based in Santa Barbara, CA. I started Bright Young Things Events to help clients create immersive experiences with flawless execution.

My background is in event planning & production, catering, venue management, and design. A decade of experience has given me a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in events, specifically weddings. My clients trust me to deliver seamless experiences every time. I make it my priority to ensure that every aspect of an event is perfect and reflects our clients, no matter the occasion.

I take great pride in my ability to understand the needs of my clients, and then deliver on their requirements, ensuring their events are unforgettable. I'm committed to creating moments that are not only beautiful but also intentional and meaningful.

I'd love to learn more about your event! You can reach me by email at info@brightyoungthingsevents.com.